MIX1 USBmixer - Lydkort og mini mixer

MIX1 USBmixer - Lydkort og mini mixer

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The MINI:MIX1 is an amazing 2 channel mixer which doubles up as a sound card for a computer or laptop. Simple plug and play via the USB makes setting up extremely easy. The USB acts as both an input and output, with two RCA inputs on each channel. This mixer can play from a variety of music sources such as CD players, MP3 players etc. The 6.3mm microphone jack input has its own channel with a volume control slider. With the USB OUT you can record your mix or create your very own podcast. Small in size, easy to transport and easy to use.

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Ideal for laptop DJs
4 x RCA inputs, 1 x USB in/out, Mic in
6.3mm or 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring
6.3mm jack microphone input with separate slider for volume
Master volume and channel volume sliders
2 x RCA output (master/record)
We recommend Audacity® freeware for use when recording with this product
Compatible with Windows: 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X

Power supply _________________________ 5Vdc 500mA (USB 2.0)
Gain (Channel A-B)_________________________0 to -20dB
Headphone impedance_________________________32 ohms
Frequency responce_________________________20Hz-20kHz
Distortion    _________________________ < 0.1%
S/N ratio   _________________________  > 80dB
Channel separation  _________________________   55db (1kHz)
Phono Sensitivity   _________________________  20mV, 47k ohms
Line Sensitivity    _________________________ 1V,10k ohms
MIC Sensitivity  _________________________   20mV 600 ohms
Line output    _________________________ 2.0V, 600 ohms
REC output  _________________________   2.0V, 600 ohms
Dimensions _________________________   150 x 130 x 55mm
Weight  _________________________   500g

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